Have you ever considered sitting in your barber’s chair and asking them for their opinion on what they would do with your hair?

All too often you guys get stuck in a rut, opting for the safe option of “just the usual”. Don’t get me wrong there isn’t anything wrong with knowing what you want but as times change so does your hair, as well as your lifestyle and fashions too.

Embracing change is something we should all encourage. You can trust us it’s our craft and our job to make you look and feel better. Part of our role is to advise you on the styles that would suit your hair type, face shape and lifestyle. We know your hair, we know what suits you and what doesn’t. We also want you to come back.

Now the consultation at the start of the haircut is key to understanding what you want as a customer and for us to impart our knowledge as a barber. Some barbers don’t pay enough attention to this stage, they literally execute what the customer asks for without considering if it’s the right haircut for them.

Most men are aware of the terminology, the buzzwords that are used in the trade like the grade of the clippers or a fade etc but by using these buzzwords some things can be lost in the translation. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a starting point and it helps us know what type of cut you want but the art of barbering is so much more than numbers. A great haircut is about “shape” not numbers!!

We often get shown pictures on mobile phones, which again gives us a starting point but what a lot of guys don’t understand is that these images are of professional models with perfect hairlines which are styled just for the perfect shot. Most of the images from social media are manipulated, flipped, shaded, filtered and even photoshopped. Is that look achievable? I would say 9 times out of 10 probably not. Can we give you something similar? Maybe if you have the right hair type, face shape, if you have the time to maintain the look?

A good barber will take the time listen to what you want but also give his advice and expertise on what would suit you. He should also be giving you tips on how to maintain the hairstyle and which product would work best.

So next time you are at the barbers, why not step out of your comfort zone and start by asking him what he thinks would suit you? If he’s worth his salt, he will have an opinion on what he would change and who knows maybe you’ll wish you had it done years ago!!
Every guy deserves to feel what it’s like to have a great haircut and it’s not until you’ve had one that you know!!

Trust Your Barber #WeMakeYouLookBetter #Fact

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